Statement Question S - Op - predication Op - S - predication Frank is writing a book Is Frank writing a book? S - predication Do - S - predication He likes Dickens Does he like Dickens?

3 forms YES - NO questions Wh-questions alternative questions

focus of question positive/negative orientation assertive/non-assertive forms tags intonation

Questions Positive or negative implication? Paraphrase!

1 Are there some letters for me? 2 Is there any reason for staying here longer? 3 Do you have something to tell me? 4 Have you anything to say in your defence? 5 Will you have some sugar in your coffee? 6 Is there somewhere where we can talk quietly? 7 Will you have any more to eat? 8 Haven‘t we dealt with this question already? 9 Haven‘t you finished your essay yet?

To which of these four categories do the following examples belong (tag questions)?

a) positive assumption + neutral expectation b) negative assumption + neutral expectation c) positive assumption + positive expectation d) negative assumption + negative expectation

1 I signed the cheque, didn‘t I? 2 I put in the date, didn‘t I? 3 I didn‘t forget, did I? 4 It‘s all right now, isn‘t it? 5 It‘s terrible weather, isn‘t it? 6 It was worse yesterday, wasn‘t it? 7 You can all understand, can you? 8 You haven‘t eaten a thing, have you? 9 John?s grown lately, hasn‘t he? 10 There‘s a meeting this evening, isn‘t there?

Questions with modals Whose authority is aimed at? the speaker‘s or the listener‘s?

1 Shall I start? 2 They shall not pass. 3 May I borrow your typewriter? 4 Might I have a look at your paper? 5 You must let me have it back. 6 Can we stay and watch the show? 7 Yes, you can if you want to. 8 Will you wait a minute, please? 9 Do I have to wait? 10 I shan‘t keep you long.