Turn the following into the passive if the result is acceptable English.

Example: Someone broke into the house while we were on holiday.
Answer: The house was broken into while we were on holiday.
Example: Someone got into the house while we were out.
Answer: (Passive unacceptable- *The house was got into...)
1 Nobody has paid for the tickets, have they?

2 BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation.

3 We'd better see to the car or we ll have an accident.

4 A dreadful thought has just occurred to me.

5 Somebody really ought to look into this problem further.

6 The house belongs to a very old lady.

7 We've already referred to some of the problems.

8 Some people objected strongly to some of the proposals.

9 The car is old, but the owner has really cared for it well.

10 No one is ever going to account for that missing money

11 Has everybody finished with these library books?

12 Nobody is to interfere with these boxes.

13 Everyone must adhere to the rules.

14 They seem to have looked after the house quite well.

15 People argue over some things for ages - with no result.

16 We've disposed of the problem now.

17 Basically my flat consists of three rooms.

18 The work will amount to _500 when it's finished.

19 I think we can rely on David to help.

2() Why are people always laughing at me?