Exercise: Responding to negative questions

Agree or disagree as indicated to the statements suggested by these negative questions. [Y] indicates the questioner's facts are correct; [N] means they are wrong.

Example: Hasn't Leningrad been renamed St Petersburg? [Y] Answer: Yes, it has. Erample: Isn't Mont Blanc the highest mountain in the world? [N] Answer: No, it isn't. [Mt Everest is.]

I Weren't Hillary and Tensing the first people to reach the summit? [Y]

2 Hasn't Everest now been climbed by women? [Y]

3 Can't we descend to the centre of the earth with special equipment? [N]

4 Why? Wouldn't people be able to survive the heat? [N]

5 Haven't all the mountains of the world been climbed now? [N]

6 Isn't Jakarta the capital of Indonesia? [Y]

7 Didn't the island of Krakatoa blow up in 1883? [Y]

8 Wasn't this the biggest volcanic eruption in history? [N]

9 Doesn't the sun go round the earth? [N]

10 Won't the year 2000 be a leap year? [Y]