Seminar English Historical Linguistics Summer Term 2003
Time: Wednesdays, 12-14
Venue: Unitobler. room
Instructor: Urs Dürmüller
Course Contents
Etymology on the net

  • Wilton's Word & Phrase Origins

  • Etymology of Names

  • Etymology

  • Etymology, The science of Word Histories

  • Word Detective

  • Word Stories

  • Word Etymologies

  • Tentative theories on English etymology

  • On the Etymology of OE dream 'joy' and ModE dream 'vision', by Kazunori KUMADA

  • On the Origin of Reap and Ripe, by Tetsuji ODA

  • Articles on words and phrases by Terry O'Connor from his newspaper and Internet columns

  • Index of words and phrases covered in forum discussions

  • What‘s the meaning of this?

  • Etymology

  • books on etymology

  • etymologically speaking

  • Topical Words