Exercise: Emphasizing negation

We sometimes emphasize a negative meaning by putting a negative adverbial at the very front of the sentence. This usually requires inversion of the subject and operator if the negative negates the whole clause.

Rewrite the following sentences with the negative or near-negative word or phrase at the front.

Example: I never imagined that anything like that would happen to me.
Answer: NEVER DID I IMAGINE that anything like that would happen to me. (inversion )
Example: I found that, not for the first time, I was wrong.
Answer: NOT FOR THE FTRST TIME, I found that I was wrong. (no inversion)

1 I flew to Egypt not long ago.
2 Nowadays people no longer go by sea.
3 I haven't been so impressed since I went to Mexico.
4 You won't find a more amazing building than that pyramid anywhere.
5 Unfortunately I lost my wallet - not for the first time.
6 You little realize sometimes the trouble you can cause other people.
7 I have seldom heard such an extraordinary explanation.
8 You rarely discover the whole truth in these matters.
9 The guide didn't once complain.
10 You hardly ever find such honesty.