Exercise : Verbs with two objects [ORG 3.5]

Rewrite the following SVOO sentences, putting the indirect object after the direct object, and using to or for.

She bought the children ice creams. Answer: She bought ice creams for the children. Example: He wrote his mother a letter. Answer: He wrote a letter to his mother.

1 Why did you lend that dreadful man money?

2 He's always sending people begging letters.

3 He should have written you a proper letter.

4 Perhaps we could find him a job.

5 Why should I bother to get him work?

6 He has never repaid Tom that loan.

7 I hope they've reserved us a table.

8 Let me buy you a drink.

9 You'd think someone would bring us a menu.

10 They usually save me a table by the window.

11 Can you pass me the salt?

12 I wonder if they could prepare us a special pudding?