Modul 4: Text Analysis and Discussion

Time: Monday, 10-12 (group A), Tuesday, 16-18 (group B)

Location: Muesmatt, Room (to be announced)


Contents: Focussing on one particular text per week, we will try to understand and discuss its contents and the issues raised in it. But we will also examine the structure of these texts. How are particular texts organized? How do they establish coherence? What vocabulary selection do they make? Which syntactical patterns predominate?

Students will be expected to prepare the texts at home, so that we can discuss their contents and structure in class. The texts themselves will be posted online.

Oral Exam:

Text Analsis and Text Discussion

Monday, June 24, 10/12 Tuesday, June 25, 4/6

Get together with two more people

Choose a text / any text

Read the text individually Discuss the text in your group

Agree on its contents What is it about? What does it say? How does it say it?

Agree on its form Which text type/s? Which text form/s? Which particular features? How do contents and form go together?

Prepare your presentation Ten to twelve minutes


Next week, be prepared to present and discuss a text.
Join a team of two or three students, choose a text (any text that is not long), prepare the presentation in your group,
see to it that you can first read the text to the class (take turns, and do it in such a way that your audience can understand, maybe you'll have to explain certain words or phrases),
then discuss the contents and the form of the text. Try to attribute the text to one of the text types mentioned in the text glossary, point out particulars of the text that support your decision, relate form to contents.
Do this in such a way that every member of your group has a share in the presentation.
Time: not more than 15 minutes.

Texts to be read, analyzed, and discussed:

1 S.J. Goldsmith, When One Language May Not Be Enough
2 If Black English, Then ...
3 James, Thurber, The birds and the foxes
4 Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus
5 Richard D. Lamm, We Must Come to Grips with Immigration
6 Alexander B. Adams, Making a Home on the Frointier
7 Theodore Upson, Brother Rises against Brother
8 William and Mary Morris, Euphemism
9 Joseph Heller, T.S. Eliot
10 Anthony Sampson, Let's Not Be Beastly to the Yanks
11 Christopher Isherwood, Returning to England
12 Dennis J. Enright, No Offence
13 Paul Stewart, "Tea-Break" vs "Kreislaufstörung"
14 Edward M. Forster, On Tolerance
15 Alan Sillitoe , My Pleasureable Education in Reading
16 Phil Cushman, Warning on Cults
17 Carolyn Lewis, A Different Sort of Liberation
18 W.D. Marbach, H. Lambert, W.J. Cook, The Factory of the Future
19 Stuart Maclure, Growing Up in the Eighties
20 Sarah Morgan, Career Officers - A Kind of Miracle Workers?
21 Jane Prior, Jobs For All Will Never Return

A Glossary for Analyzing Texts

p> A Glossary for Analyzing Texts

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