Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs

Particle can precede or follow Od Pronouns cannot follow the particle

V + Particle + NP V + NP + Particle V + Pronoun + Particle

Prepositional Verbs

Preposition must precede its complement

{V + PP } V + Adv + PP - allow pronominal questions - disallow adverbial questions

Phrasal verbs,
prepositional verbs,
phrasal-prepositional verbs

Analyze structure of VP as

  • a) verb + particle (= phrasal verb)
    sat down

  • b) verb + prepositional phrase
    ran across the road

  • c) verb + particle + PP (=phrasalV + PP)
    set off on a journey

  • d) verb + prepositional adverb
    ran across

  • e) verb + prepositional adverb + PP
    go across to the baker‘s

  • f) transitive V + particle + O (= trans PhrV)
    find out the truth

  • g) V + Prep + O (=prepositional verb)
    looked at me

  • h) V + Particle + Preposition + O (=phrasal-prepositional verb)
    put up with him

    Classify examples:

    1 I went into the dining room.
    2 We went into the matter carefully.
    3 We must call in the police.
    4 The police will call in a car.
    5 I rushed out of the house.
    6 I rushed out.
    7 I drove out to my friends.
    8 They all trooped off.
    9 They all set off down the road.
    10 He flew across the Atlantic.
    11 We flew across in no time.
    12 How long can one do without water?
    13 Has anyone rung up?
    14 Has anyone rung me up?
    15 Don‘t come down.
    16 Don‘t give up.
    17 Don‘t give me away.
    18 You must face up to your responsibilities.
    19 You must come up to my office.
    20 We must make up for lost time.
    21 Will you come up for a cup of tea?
    22 The train has passed over the bridge.
    23 It has passed over safely.
    24 The selection committee has passed you over.
    25 My hat has fallen off.
    26 The plane has taken off.
    27 The actor took the President off beautifully.
    28 Go onto the platform.
    29 Go on to the next town.
    30 You must cut down on cigarettes.

    Replace the objects by pro-forms:

    1 Back up the hill.
    2 Back up your friends.
    3 Call off the game.
    4 Come off my bed.
    5 Get over the wall.
    6 Get this meeting over.
    7 Swim across the river.
    8 Put across this message.
    9 Run in the race.
    10 Run in the engine.
    11 Step up this ladder
    12 Step up pöroduction.
    13 You take after your father.
    14 You took to John at once.
    15 You can take over my job.
    16 Don‘t turn on the lights.
    17 The dog turned on the stranger.
    18 Turn down this street.
    19 Turn down his proposal.
    20 Now wind up your watch.

    Place the adverb correctly!

    1 They looked at the picture
    2 They turned on the gas
    3 They turned the gas on
    4 He‘s catching up with the leaders
    5 Go on to the end
    6 The negotiations have broken down
    7 the crowd made for better shelter
    8 The Spartans brought their children up
    9 I‘ll look into your complaint
    10 He puts up with any inconveniences

    Move the particle / preposition / adverb if possible

    1 The Spartans brought up their children strictly.
    2 Lester gradually caught up with the leaders.
    3 I don‘t want to break up the party.
    4 The meeting broke up in disorder.
    5 We must hurry to make up for lost time.
    6 Please send this telegram off urgently.
    7 Please get that parcel off at once.
    8 Why don‘t you take off your coat?
    9 We must find out the answers somehow.
    10 Be careful. Don‘t run over that child.