English as a Second Language

ESL second language repertoires

EFL foreign language not native, not national

ESP special purposes additional use, not general

EFL lingua franca wider communication

EAL additional language everything?

Which of these to teach, to learn? Why? Consider: CH multilingual Function of E? CH within Europe Function of E? CH within the world Function of E?

Why learn E? Why teach E?

Which KIND of English? World English? What's that? International English? European English? Swiss English? US English? British English?

Consider uses: spoken/written, styles: formal/informal, social implications: upper/lower class

Goals of E language teaching

Careers requiring English Higher education Access to research, information Travel Access to culture The language itself Cognitive training Educational values

Linguistics in the Classroom

Needs of the teacher?

Needs of the student?

Literacy, alphabetization, graphemics, spelling Phonetics, phonology, pronunciation Vocabulary, Lexicology, Morphology Syntax, Sentence Analysis Semantics, Meanings Pragmatics, Uses


drilling vs. knowing-understanding behavior vs. cognition


analysis and abstraction description, not prescription