First Meeting
Topics: What is Language? What is grammar?
Grammar and usage.
Descriptive and prescriptive grammar.

For second week:
Read: ORG, Part 1: Introduction, pp. 1-21
Do: "Fumblerules" (handout), second column
Prescriptive and disputed grammar, Exercise

For third week:
Read: ORG, ch. 2, pp.22-41. ch. 3, pp. 42-64
What is a sentence?
Ex on Clause Structure

For fourth week:
Read: ORG, ch. 3 again pp.
Ex on Various Sentence and Clause Patterns
A table of sentence patterns

For fifth week:
Read: ORG, ch. 4
Do: Ex. on Word Classes
Ex on Sentence Type and Discourse Function

For sixth week:
Read: ORG, ch 5, re-read ch 2.5-2.8
Exercises on nouns

For seventh week:
Read: OR, ch 6, 10.1-10.4: Determiners, Pronouns, NP
Exercises on Determiners

For eighth week:
Read: ORG ch 8, 10.5-6, 10.8-10.10, 12.1-12.4: Adjectives, AP
Adjective or Adverb?
Adj Exercise 1
Adj Exercise 2

For ninth week:
Verb Grammar; Tense and Aspect

Read: ORG ch 7, 11: Verbs, VP
Exercises on tense and aspect:
Tense and Aspect
Past Time/Tense
Present Time/Tense
Future Time/Tense

For tenth week:
Mood and Modality

Read: ORG ch 7, 11: Verbs again, VP
mood and modality
Stative and dynamic verbs
Copular, transitive and intransitive verbs

For eleventh week:
Finite and non-finite verb phrases
Phrasal Verbs
Prepositional Verbs
Phrasal-Prepositional Verbs
A list of Phrasal Verbs

Read: ORG 11.18 ff.


For twelfth week:

Read: ORG 8.6-8.8.
Do: Exercises on adverbs

For thirteenth week:
Prepare for Test:

What is Grammar? a sentence, a clause, a phrase, a word?
Which are the constituents/elements of a sentence?
NP: count and non-count nouns, Deteterminers, Modifiers, Pronouns
VP:Tense, aspect, mood, modality, finite and non-finite VPs
Auxiliaries: operators and modal aux
Adjectives: central and other
Adverb(ials): Adjuncts and others

Grammar Links

A Guide to Grammar and Writing: Everything from Grammar Quiz to Essay Writing

Oxford English Dictionary Online

The Structure of English

Contents of the Course

What is Language? What is Grammar? What is Usage?
Prescriptive and Disputed Grammar

Spelling and Pronunciation Rules
Spelling Advice

Sentences: Types, Constituents and Functions
A table of sentence patterns
Sentence Patterns: Exercises
Dependent and Independent Clauses
Clause Structure
What is a Sentence?: Exercises
Discourse Functions

Word Classes
Word Classes: Exercises

Parts of Speech

Assertion, Negation: Exercises
Nonassertive forms
Scope of Negation
Responding to negative Questions
Emphatic Negation

Grammatical Categories
Tense and Aspect
Past Time/Tense
Present Time/Tense
Future Time/Tense

The Structure and Semantics of the Verb Phrase
Verbs and Auxiliaries: Exercises

  • Irregular Verbs
  • Verb Tenses
    Sequence of Tenses
    Verb - Tense Consistency
  • Two-Part Verbs (Phrasal Verbs, Idioms)
  • Tags
  • Operators, Modals
  • Modal Auxiliaries: Exercises
  • Non-Finite Forms (Gerunds, Participles, Infinitives)
  • Voice and Mood
    Active vs. Passive

    The Structure and Semantics of the Noun Phrase

  • Determiners
    Indef. Determiners
    Determiners: Articles
    S-V Agreement
    Subject-Verb Concord
  • Nouns
    count and noncountnouns
    Exercise 1
    Solutions to Ex 1
    More on count and noncount nouns
    Exercise 2
    Solutions to Ex 2
  • Pronouns
    Using Pronouns
    Pronoun Case

  • Prepositions
    Prepositions: Direction
    Time (and more)
    Spatial Relationships

    Adjectives, Adverbs, Adverbials
    Adjective Complements
    Adjectives and Adverbs
    Adjective or Adverb?
    Exercise 1
    Solutions Ex 1
    Exercise 2
    Solutions Ex 2
    Adverbs and Adverbials

  • Theme and Focus