Berkeley is special: The view, the Carillon, Sproul and Telegraph, Democracy!!!
Kofi Anan: The UN Secretary general at CAL
Wole Soyinka: The Nobel Laureate at CAL
Steve Wozniak: The Apple CoFounder at CAL
Eldridge Cleaver Remembered: Years ago the Black activist was part of Berkeley and Oakland


Oakland Ecopolis: Creating a City for the Next Century
The Oakland Paramount Theater: Art Deco, an Organ, Treats and Movies

San Francisco

Getting into San Francisco: Great ways to arrive in the San Francisco Bay Area
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Review Essay

California Myths in Literature: A Review Essay of Recent Novels, Stories, Memoirs about California and San Francisco

My California Links

Housing Difficulties in the SFBA: If you want to stay here, you had better forget it!
Governor for Money: How millionaires can buy the vote
California's Struggle with Bilingual Education: Discussion, Arguments, Initative text
Voting : Propositions, Electing a Governor

pictures of 1155 Keeler, Berkeley, CA 94705:

The Daily Californian: UC Berkeley Campus Paper
The Gate: SF Zine
The SF Bay Guardian:
The San Francisco Weekly:
The Los Angeles Times:
z sf: The Ultimate San Francisco Zine

The University of California at Berkeley:
Stanford University:
Golden Gate University:
z sf: The Ultimate San Francisco Zine

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