Assertion, non-assertion
Klassifizieren Sie die folgenden Satze mit nachstehenden Begriffen und begründen Sie Ihre Klassifikation anhand des syntaktischen Verhaltens von Wörtern wie some oder any: assertion, positive and declarative non-assertion, interrogative, positive non-assertion, interrogative, negative non-assertion, negative

1 Have you finished this chapter yet?
2 None of us have finished it yet.
3 Some of the others have finished it already.
4 Then why haven't you finished it yet?
5 Have you got much to do?
6 I never have much to do in the evening.
7 But I have quite a lot to do in the morning.
8 I haven't much to do in the morning, either.
9 I have plenty to do in the morning, too.
10 Haven't you got anything to do, either?

Bilden Sie die Verneinung der folgenden Beispielsätze:

1 Jack is Canadian, too.
2 Finally he bought the book.
3 The Prime Minister arrived two days earlier.
4 The company will sell a lot of their property.
5 Oh, you have passed your examination!
6 He went home at once.
7 Go now!